What We Do

GHAP offers a full spectrum approach to dealing with the trade in illicit medicines and health products. From providing comprehensive ground truth as to the scope and scale of the problem, in-depth reviews of supply chain integrity, rapid authentication quality assurance exercises to identify falsified products in the field, and enhancing national capabilities to better respond to pharma crime.


Market Assurance Reviews (MARs™) MARs provide risk-based, data on supply chain integrity. This specialist form of post-market surveillance proactively identifies falsified, substandard and stolen products in the commercial sector. GHAP’s MAR Teams provide real-time updates to clients during the course of a review.

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Supply Chain Assurance Reviews (SCARs™) SCARs provide end-to-end assurance that supply chains are conforming without leakage to the highest Good Distribution Practices (GDP) and that medicines and health products arriving in-country are delivered to patients, with the highest pharmaceutical efficacy.

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GHAP’s Oversight and Assurance Reviews (OARs™) help clients enhance risk management, compliance program accountability, and oversight of their contracting and service level agreement (SLA) activities.

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Technical Assistance and Mentoring

GHAP personnel have extensive experience of working in partnership with national authorities to ensure that pragmatic and proportionate solution-based responses can be adopted in response to the presence of illicit medicines and health commodities.

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