Market Assurance Reviews

Market Assurance Reviews - Girl holding blister pack of medicineMarket Assurance Reviews (MARs™) MARs provide risk-based data on supply chain integrity. This specialist form of post-market surveillance proactively identifies falsified, substandard and stolen products in the commercial sector. GHAP’s MAR Teams provide real-time updates to clients during the course of a review. Through a combination of batch number back-tracking with manufacturers, rapid authentication in the field, and confirmatory forensic laboratory testing, MARs help clients to develop ground truth as to the presence of illicit products. GHAP’s MARs are managed and carried out by specialists with significant experience in conducting discreet investigations. When conducted on a repeat basis, the approach provides a unique ability to discern detailed patterns carefully recorded over time to provide an unprecedented moving picture of the trade in illicit medicines and health products. Critically, MARs can form the basis for detailed targeting packages to enable national enforcement responses to be promptly pursued, ensuring that supply chain leaks are plugged and dangerous or inefficacious products are removed from public circulation.