Who We Are

GHAP LLC is a Washington, DC-based small business. Our team has broad experience working with International Agencies, National Authorities, and the private sector to address fraud and corruption, identify those involved in the trade in illicit medicines and health products, and to provide supply chain strengthening solutions.

Core Team

GHAP LLC is led by its two founders and managing partners. The Washington, DC based office is led by a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs who also served as a Deputy Assistant Administrator for Africa at USAID, and a senior consultant to the World Bank. With over 25 years of public and private sector experience, GHAP’s Washington, DC based Managing Partner serves as the company’s policy and external relations primary point of contact. GHAP’s field work is led by its Geneva based Managing Partner, who oversees GHAP’s broad network of personnel that extends throughout sub-Saharan Africa. With over 16 years of experience in international organizations, both as an investigator and program leader, he manages GHAP’s complex multi-country operations. GHAP is also supported by a deep roster of highly experienced former US Department of Justice, US Food and Drug Administration, and US Drug Enforcement Agency trainers and advisors. GHAP’s senior intelligence analysts represent years of experience in law enforcement in Australia, United Nations International Criminal Tribunals, as well as the UK Special Forces and military intelligence. GHAP’s core staff have worked in the public and private sectors, and maintain the in-depth experience of working in International Organizations, government service, private sector consulting, and non-profit strategic planning and capacity building.

Technical Assistance and Mentoring

GHAPs Technical Assistance and Capacity Building Teams comprise former US Federal special agents, intelligence analysts, UN investigators, military personnel, and prosecutors. These personnel have decades of experience of working in a coordinated Inter-Agency manner, developing cross-functional teams, long-term embedding, mentoring and guiding national authorities, and establishing specialist Task Forces. These skill sets when deployed in support of National Medical and Regulatory Agencies (NMRAs) and associated specialist National Agencies have repeatedly proven effective in helping to develop successful nationally led responses to the trade in illicit medicines, health products, and other commodities.

Regional Teams

GHAP’s decentralized approach emphasizes regionally based hubs that can project Oversight and Assurance Reviews (OAR), Market Assurance Reviews (MAR), and Supply Chain Assurance Reviews (SCAR) teams into countries throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Over 70 regionally based personnel are established in the region. Regional teams have past experience in auditing, public health, NMRAs, international organizations, law enforcement and the military. GHAP’s regionally based staff are locally sourced, operate confidently in English, French, and Portuguese speaking countries, and are adept at moving seamlessly from urban to rural locales. Facility with local customs and languages helps teams operate efficiently and effectively in challenging environments. GHAP’s regional presence promotes rapid responses to supply chain assurance review requirements and leverages existing organizational infrastructure.