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Providing Assurance, Combating Corruption, Responding to the Trade in Illicit Medicines and Health Products

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GHAP LLC helps aid agencies as well as the private sector maintain oversight and assurance of health and other commodities in low and middle-income countries (LMIC). GHAP contributes to the global fight against corruption, helping to identify fraud, corruption, and failure to deliver agreed services.
GHAP also builds long-term sustainability by supporting national agencies to more effectively respond to the trade in illicit health and other products. GHAP’s extensive work with regulatory agencies, national law enforcement entities, and multi-agency task forces improves the ability of countries to serve as reliable partners.

The trade in Illicit medicines and health products constitutes a major global threat. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that the supply of Substandard and Falsified (SF) medicines and health products in LMICs is 10.5%, undermining public health goals, leading to numerous fatalities and contributing to drug resistant strains of disease. Similarly, where authentic good quality government and donor-funded medicines and health products are stolen from public supply chains, citizens are forced to make purchases from the unregulated commercial sector and are further exposed to the threat of substandard and falsified products. The theft of these commodities may erode donor confidence and imperil health financing programs. Effective mechanisms to support nationally-led responses to the trade in illicit medicines and health products are therefore crucial to protect public health and provide robust assurance.

GHAP’s full spectrum response helps determine the source, scope, and scale of the problem, and develop tailored solutions to address and resolve issues of concern.

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Market Assurance Reviews (MARs™) provide stakeholders with risk-based, data-driven assurance of health supply chain integrity. Extensive, focused, and discreet post market surveillance provides donors unprecedented programme performance insight and supports strategic planning for supply chain improvements. MARs™ routinely target health commodities, but can be utilized for illicit products across many sectors.

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Where MARs™ identify weaknesses in supply chain integrity, GHAP Supply Chain Assurance Reviews (SCARs™) provide remedial fixes to ensure end-to-end assurance that stakeholder supply chains are conforming without leakage to the highest Good Distribution Practices (GDPs), and that medical products arriving in-country are delivered to patients, with the highest pharmaceutical efficacy.

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GHAP’s Oversight and Assurance Reviews (OARs™) help clients enhance risk management, compliance program accountability, and oversight of their contracting and service level agreement (SLA) activities.

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Technical Assistance and Mentoring
GHAPs Technical Assistance and Mentoring strengthens the resilience and builds capacity of National Medical Regulatory Agencies (NMRAs) and other Specialist National Law Enforcement Agencies. GHAP provides training and ongoing support on developing an intelligence-led response to combating illicit trade.

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