Supply Chain Assurance Reviews

Supply Chain Assurance Reviews SCARs™

Where MARs™ identify supply chain leakage, GHAP’s Supply Chain Assurance Reviews (SCARs™) determine remedial fixes to ensure end-to-end assurance that stakeholder supply chains are conforming without leakage to Good Distribution Practices (GDPs), and that medical products arriving in-country are delivered to patients, with the highest pharmaceutical efficacy. SCARs can track deliveries from the Port of Entry (PoE) to Central Medical Stores (CMS), onward to Regional Hubs down to District Medical Stores (DMS) and to Health Facilities (HF). A physical security assessment of facilities identifies weaknesses and recommends pragmatic and proportionate remedies. GHAP SCAR Teams deploy with state of the art rapid authentication devices, enabling samples of medicines at every node of the supply chain to be screened, reducing the risk of exposure to falsified medicines entering the public supply chain.