Oversight Assurance Reviews

OAR oversight assurance reviewsGHAP’s Oversight and Assurance Reviews (OARs™) help clients enhance risk management, compliance program accountability, and oversight of their contracting and service level agreement (SLA) activities.

Implementing Partner (IP), contractor, and third-party vendor relationships form a crucial component of International Organization (IO) and donor-funded activities and program implementation. In countries receiving sustained international development assistance, agencies have millions of dollars of contractual relationships with these actors who play a key role in delivering services and providing indirect support. They form a core component of the move towards promoting local sourcing of services and program delivery by such donors and implementing agencies.

However, increased use of these partners must be accompanied by enhanced oversight in order to mitigate against instances of fraud, corruption, and the failure to deliver agreed services. Associated heightened fiduciary and reputational risks need to be effectively managed and mitigated in order to protect the integrity of foreign development assistance efforts and related taxpayer funds.

Managing IP, contractor, and third-party vendor risk is a continuing process, starting from initial engagement and onboarding and continuing throughout the duration of the business relationship. GHAP can support International Organizations, donors, and other agencies manage such risks via their specialist Oversight and Assurance Reviews (OARs).

GHAP’s Leadership Team include former US DOJ prosecutors, investigators, and special agents, some of whom previously worked for Offices of Inspector General (OIG). They have extensive experience in proactively identifying, investigating, and prosecuting fraud and corruption and the laundering of proceeds from those illegal activities. GHAP’s in-country Teams of seasoned investigators and auditors have extensive experience working with International Organizations and Implementing Agencies to identify fraud, corruption, and financial irregularities, and conducting program oversight. Based in capitals throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and managed by GHAP’s Senior Team, they can deploy rapidly, including to remote locations, and at short notice.

Should clients wish to make a referral of the matter to the national enforcement agencies where the related contracts/projects are being implemented, GHAP can facilitate these steps, helping to promote national accountability and support for the rule of law. GHAP enjoys excellent working relationships with numerous national anti-corruption, regulatory, and enforcement agencies across sub-Saharan Africa.